1. Back in time: Czechoslovakia – eTwinning project to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Czechoslovakia. anniversary of the founding of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. Its main goal is to improve the English language level of Slovak and Czech students, to foster their creativity and cooperation and to encourage them to learn about the history of their common state.
  2. Artificial Intelligence: Enemy or Friend? (Artificial Intelligence: Enemy or Friend?) – an eTwinning project that aims to introduce pupils to the basics of artificial intelligence, what AI is, how it works and how some of its different applications work. Through this project, we will help students develop their critical thinking skills, think about the ethical implications of AI, and use it in creative ways to solve problems.
  3. Competition for the most interesting school library event – 19. The annual nationwide project of the Slovak Pedagogical Library with the theme “The school library gives you the space to be exceptional” will be implemented by our school library on 23.10.2023. The aim of the project is to encourage pupils to have a good and lasting relationship with books, the school library, reading and discovering new things in a fun way by working with books.
  4. Children and Architecture – a project implemented in the framework of art lessons, through e-learning creative courses, followed by pupils’ output work in the field of architecture on the theme of Cultural Buildings. The aim of this project is to bring students information in the field of architecture and architectural design of space, to arouse their interest in architecture and architectural works, to encourage their creativity. The best works will be awarded and published at the opening in Bratislava, project implemented from September 2019
  5. Book Breaks – a presentation project for pupils of primary and lower secondary education aimed at developing reading literacy in foreign languages.
  6. Healthy Eating Week – a project to promote healthy eating.
  7. Let’s talk about food – an environmental project to promote healthy lifestyles.
  8. Reading Week – a project aimed at promoting the development of reading literacy.
  9. Let’s give things a second chance – an environmental project.
  10. Happy market – a project focused on sports and recreational activities for pupils 1. – 5. of the year.
  11. Olympic Games – sports day for pupils 1. – 4. of the year.
  12. Recyklohry – an environmental project focused on recycling e-waste.
  13. Learning outdoors – non-traditional forms of outdoor education – pupils 5. – 9. of the year.

eTwinning online meeting

As part of our joint meetings, we organised an eTwinning Wednesday with our partners from the Czech Republic. The task was a common game on

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Our experience

Saffron Project

This school year, the pupils of EA VIII took part in the Saffron Project, which is organized in cooperation with the Holocaust Education Trust Ireland

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Our experience

Older read to younger

A tradition at our school is the visit of pupils of higher grades to 1. degree. This year was no exception. Eighth and seventh grade

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