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Every school has an interest in its pupils acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills that they enhance during their secondary education. Our school offers a quality education, children not only gain an overview of the standards after graduation, but above all we focus on developing language skills. Graduates of our school are able to communicate orally and in writing and use the English language without any problems. That’s why they apply to secondary schools specialising in foreign languages, such as:

  • Milan Hodza Bilingual Grammar School, Sučany,
  • Private Slovak-English grammar school, Žilina,
  • Bilingual Gymnasium, T. Rúžička, Žilina,
  • Gymnasium, Veľká okružná, Žilina
  • Gymnasium Jozef Miloslav Hurban, Čadca

but so do other high schools:

  • Gymnasium, Hlinská, Žilina
  • Business Academy, Veľká okružná, Žilina, …

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We would like to highlight all those who have successfully passed the difficult entrance exams and have made the most of their knowledge. Exceptional praise goes to those pupils who were admitted simultaneously to two bilingual grammar schools. All this testifies to the professionalism of our school’s teachers and the responsible preparation of both teachers and pupils.

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