School Council


Mgr. Zuzana Židek


  • Mgr. et Mgr. Lucia Albedinska
  • Mgr. Elena Adamíková
  • Mgr. Monika Bálintová
  • Mgr. Zdena Istenkova
  • Monika Bullová – Recorder
  • Ing. Petra Turzová
  • Tibor Krutil
  • Mgr. Jozef Juríček
  • Ing. Ivana Dubcová
  • Ing. Dušan Matej

What is a school board
The School Council is an initiative and advisory body that expresses and promotes the public interests and the interests of pupils, parents, teaching staff and other school employees in the field of education and training. It also performs the function of control, assesses and comments on the activities of the school and school facilities. It shall also comment on all relevant facts relating to the work of the school. Its important task and duty is to conduct the selection procedure for the post of headmaster and to submit a proposal to the school founder for the appointment of the headmaster and also to submit a proposal for the dismissal of the headmaster, if necessary…

How many members does the school council have and who are they ?

The School Council has 11 members. The members of the school board are:

  • 4 elected parent representatives
  • 2 elected representatives of the school’s teaching staff
  • 1 elected representative of non-teaching staff
  • 4 delegated representatives of the school founder

All the details under which the School Council is established and governed are set out in the School Council’s Constitution.

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