Private leisure centre

The private leisure centre is a facility for educational, interest and recreational activities of children and young people in their free time with operation during the school year. The mission of the SCVČ is to create conditions for the development of skills in practical activities and habits of purposeful use of free time, self-realization and harmonious self-development of the child’s personality.

Pupils have the opportunity to improve their skills in the German language, in working with computers, in dramatic speech, in creative activities, in construction games, and very importantly, they have the opportunity to play sports.

All interest departments are led by qualified teachers and coaches. It is the wish of all the leaders of the interest groups to create in each group such conditions that will bring the pupils instruction, joy, fun as well as the well-being necessary to recharge their batteries.

Parents are expected to support their child in their interest activities and to ensure regular attendance of each pupil in their chosen unit.

Current information

will take place
every week for 2 hours
. Pupils are divided into two groups and will rotate.

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