About the school club - Private school club for children

school club is open daily Monday to Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
. The children are cared for by qualified educators. Interesting activities are prepared for children, which allow them to actively relax in a very pleasant and cozy environment.

The activities of the SŠKD are focused on engaging and varied leisure, recreational, relaxation, interest activities and preparation for teaching.

We apply the English language in a non-violent way to each of the activities and try to motivate the children to communicate naturally in this language. Children choose their own activities and activities and we implement them based on their interest and preferences. SŠKD creates conditions for the physical, psychological and social development of children. Therefore, it is necessary for children to relax in the club, to gain positive experiences and knowledge, to satisfy their own hobbies and interests.

In the school club we are engaged in various activities:

  • art
  • labour-technical
  • Music
  • Dramatic
  • Sports
  • evironmental
  • other leisure activities
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