About the school club

About the school club - Private school club for children Our school club is open daily Monday to Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. . The children are cared for by qualified educators. Interesting activities are prepared for children, which allow...


Documentation Download the private school kids club documents in PDF format: List of phone numbers for tutors Educational programme of the SSKD (coming soon) Internal rules of the SŠKD Internal Rules of the SSKD (Supplement No 3) Enrolment ...

Our activities

Our activities

SŠKD staff

SŠKD staff Mgr. Monika Bálintová CLUB LEADER, I. EDUC. DEPARTMENT balintova@sukrzsza.sk Mgr. Mária Kotrbancová III. EDUCATION DEPARTMENT kotrbancova@sukrzsza.sk ...
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