Special Educator

Consultations (by appointment, in room 134)


Mgr. Marcela Chmeliarová

Services of the school special educator
  • individual special-education services for pupils
  • professional consultation and advice to teachers
  • consulting and advisory services to legal representatives
How does a school special educator work?

The school special educator works with pupils individually, special education support is aimed at mitigating the negative impact of the disorder or disability on the pupil’s educational performance.
Special-educational interventions for each pupil are adapted to the results of his/her psychological and special-educational diagnostics.
All the activities of the special educator are focused on the areas in which the pupils have problems: reading technique, reading comprehension, development of auditory and visual perception, right-left and spatial orientation, development of vocabulary and language sense, development of fine motor skills and graphomotor skills, development of pre-numerical and numerical ideas, basic mathematical operations…

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