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School is where children spend a significant part of their day, where they acquire new knowledge and learn new skills. It is important not to forget that school is also a place where their personality develops and a significant part of the socialisation process takes place. Therefore, the role of the school has long been not only education in the sense of imparting knowledge, but also the harmonious development of pupils’ personality, the promotion of their mental health, the development of good mutual relations and the building of a positive social climate at school. For this reason, the presence of a psychologist at the school is very beneficial.

Our school has a school psychologist who has been a professional employee of the school since the beginning of the school year 2022/2023 and whose main task is to provide psychological counselling to pupils, parents and teachers in solving the educational problems of pupils  with emphasis on their mental health.

The school psychologist’s work with pupils focuses on orientation psychological diagnostics (she does not have the authority to carry out a comprehensive psychodiagnostic examination, for this purpose it is necessary to visit one of the counselling centres), individual psychological counselling, group psychological counselling (within individual classes) and group psychological counselling (in the form of lectures and discussions for several classes at the same time).

Through these activities, it learns about and Develops students’ personal and social skills (self-knowledge, self-confidence, self-control, empathy, tolerance, cooperation, conflict resolution, assertiveness, stress management, etc.), Creates a positive social climate in classrooms and at school, implements preventive activities aimed at Prevention of social phenomena at school, such as bullying, drug addiction or delinquency. It also monitors the adaptation of new pupils and assists in Solutions adaptation problems, provides psychological care for pupils with learning, attention and behavioural disorders, as well as pupils gifted. And in not least helping students with their Personality and relationship problems.

The school psychologist also provides psychological counselling to parents with the aim of ensuring the healthy personal and social development of their children. At the same time, it carries out consultations with pedagogical staff of the school with the aim of providing methodological guidance in solving the educational problems of pupils with emphasis on psychological aspects.

Most problems require a comprehensive approach to solutions and the involvement of all stakeholders. That is why the cooperation of the school psychologist with parents and teachers is very important.

The school psychologist also actively cooperates with other professionals and institutions when necessary.

The pupil, his/her legal representative or teacher may request psychological intervention. The range of psychological services varies from a one-off crisis intervention to a long-term intervention, depending on the problem being addressed. The provision of psychological care is voluntary. The school psychologist provides psychological care to the pupil only with the written consent of the legal representative.

The school psychologist is guided in her work by the Code of Ethics for Psychologists as well as the Code of Ethics for School Psychologists. All the data are strictly confidential. The school psychologist is Mandatory to maintain the confidentiality of the facts of which it has become aware in the course of its activities, even after the termination of the employment relationship. Exceptions are situations where a person’s health and life is at risk or a criminal offence is involved. In such a case, it has a notification obligation.

Seeing a psychologist is not a shame, it is not a sign of failure or incompetence. On the contrary, it is a reflection of inner strength, courage and determination to face difficult situations in life. The school psychologist appreciates everyone who comes to her and tries to help them.

Consultation hours of the school psychologist:

Monday7:30 – 15:30
Tuesday7:30 – 15:30
Wednesday7:30 – 15:30
Thursday7:30 – 13:30

Mgr. Denisa Sopoligová

Consultation must be arranged in advance by message in EduPage or by email:

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