Educational counsellor

Consultations: Tuesday – 1. lesson, Wednesday – 3. lesson, Thursday 1. class in room 026.
Consultations can of course be arranged for a different time than the one indicated. Please just contact me by message via Edupage or by phone before the actual consultation, as the appointment may already be booked by someone else. Thank you for your understanding.

Educational counsellor services
  • Providing assistance and advice to solve problems,
  • providing advice on career choice and selection,
  • arranging talks and lectures by experts (psychologist, sexologist, gynaecologist, environmental specialist, criminologist, etc.),
  • fulfilment of tasks in the field of education for partnership and parenthood, education for a healthy lifestyle and health protection,
  • information, preventive, orientation, identification and diagnostic activities in the form of consultations in cooperation with the Pedagogical-Psychological Counselling Centre and DOORS (Doors Open for Personal Development and Cooperation) n.o,
  • Providing information and advice to study applicants in the framework of the Integrated Career Guidance Project (ICG),
  • providing services, suggestions and advice to pupils, teachers and parents
Focus of the educational counsellor’s activities
  • prevention is carried out in cooperation with coordinators of drug prevention, environmental education, etc. The aim of prevention is to prevent negative phenomena (bullying, behavioural offences, other sociopathic phenomena)
  • education of pupils to values such as acceptance of other people, their personality, self-development of personality, development of creativity and motivation, cooperation and strengthening of the class team and consideration and sympathy with classmates who find themselves in difficult social and personal situations

The aim of educational counselling is to guide pupils on the best possible path of finding and fitting into society. The activities of the guidance counsellor are governed by a statute, which can be downloaded from this link.


Mgr. Bc. Ivana Paúrová
mobile: 0910 162 785

Documents to download:

You can find a list of secondary schools with links to their websites on this page.


If you have a problem or have any comments, you can contact the counsellor anonymously by sending an email.

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